Meet Erica Roesch, M.D.

I knew for years that I was meant to do more than see patients in a family medicine office. From deep inside me, I knew I had a gift that would change healthcare and revolutionize the connection between healer and patient. Yet, I struggled with the literal internal war in my mind between what I thought I was expected to do versus that deep knowing that my life could be more simple, I could feel whole and healthy and I could help others in my unique way.


Over the past five years, I have navigated the struggle to claim my gifts beyond my title as Medical Doctor, the decision to leave a six figure salary, and the choice to create a coaching practice built on a spiritual connection and medical science. During this journey, I also learned how to love myself, have fun every day and to never settle for options that do not bring me joy as I serve the world around me. I unlearned the patterns of shaming myself and overworking that caused me to live in a perpetual state of overwhelm and instead designed new patterns to support my health, my joy and the mechanism for how I now connect to my clients in such a profound way.


I am committed to your dream to live a life full of energy, health, deep connection to those you love AND rock the world in a way that defies all expectations. The wisdom and tools in this platform and coaching will elevate every aspect of your life. This is the community for the women who are visionaries, thought leaders and those breaking the mold.


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