Most healers feel trapped in a cycle of exhaustion in their professional careers due to the perceived security of their paycheck. 


Hi, I am Erica 

I am a Healer Awakening Coach helping high achieving visionary healers quantum leap into a growth mindset in order to build a high-level independent income business through evidence-based neuroscience paired with high-performance intuitive coaching so they can create a financially supported reality doing what they consciously crave while making a massive impact in the world on their terms

Here are the ways I can help you do what you love!


A multimodality program with:

  • Individual Private Coaching Sessions
  • Dynamic Group Coaching Sessions
  • Access to Mastermind Portal with content and recordings of live calls
  • Immersion Virtual Retreats
  • Workshops integrating functional movement, nutrition and creative coaching

An online monthly membership community of high-powered visionary women creating the impossible! 

Private Intensive Coaching

Weekly individual coaching with Erica offered in a six month program designed to laser focus in on your unique gifts, desires and goals.


To schedule a complementary discovery call - email Erica at 

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