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A great healing is needed. 

Within ourselves. 


Within our world.


Within humanity. 


YOU are that healing. 


It is time for you to......


remember who you are, what you came here to do, and what brings you fulfillment and joy beyond your wildest dreams,


reconnect to your inner compass,


learn your navigation system. 


You have always had your own navigation system. 


Yet, you were told that others knew better than you. 


That’s not true.


You know your True North.


You have a direct connection to the Divine power that created you.


It has navigated you without your awareness, that is how powerful it is.


This membership, these videos, are my imperfect way to awake the sleeping giant within you. 


Only you know what is best for you. 


These topics and questions are what I have heard, felt and known, guided by my Divinely inspired inner compass to offer to the world. 


I offer it because I know YOU are the key to humanity's healing. 


I offer it because it fills my soul with love and light and joy to do so.


I offer it for you to stand on my shoulders as I have stood on the giants that have come before me. 


Take this content and RISE! 


Rise beyond your wildest dreams. 


Heal wounds that are hidden and deep.


Bring joy into your life in a way that you have not experienced before. 


Find your home within you as you align with your Knowing. 


See the world around you thrive even in the harshest of conditions.




It is time to……

Rise with love.

Heal with our Divine gifts. 

Stand for our sovereignty to navigate life on our terms.


Boldly go where you have only dreamt of going in the quiet of your heart when no one is listening but you and God.


It is time to breathe life into all that is good in this world.


Take these concepts and run with them. 

Let it awaken you in a way that you have never felt. 

Know that you are guided in the most powerful way.


You are a light worker, a steward of good, a trail blazer, a path finder…..you stand on the edge and leap when others are scared. 


You have been given gifts to lead. 

Trust that you were built for this. 


Know that you don’t need to know what “this” is. 

It will be revealed to you with Divine timing. 

Your only job  is to believe that your quiet dreams are worth bringing to life. 

That’s it. 


God’s got the rest. 


You have all the tools you need. 

No more studying. 

No more training. 

No more preparing. 


It’s time to awaken the YOU that has been asleep waiting for this moment in time. 


I believe in you. 


You would not be reading this if you were not ready. 


It’s go time!


Let’s have fun. 

Let’s defy all narratives. 

Break the conventional rules. 

Stand for the freedom to create, to imagine, to work without constraints, to fully use our gifts and to have an extraordinary life. 


No mediocrity. 

No standards.


Let Freedom, Greatness, Creativity, and Love be your fuel as you see and create far beyond what you thought was possible. 





It is time to burn the bridges, 

to leap, 

to soar 

and see the world with eagle vision. 


You are free to live your life. 

You were given this freedom at birth by your Creator. 


Harness your Freedom. 

Harness your Greatness. 

Harness your Creativity. 

Harness your Love.


Together we rise. 
Together we heal humanity. 

Together we pave paths that change the way the world operates forever. 

Together we give our children and future generations a way of life that we cannot fathom at this moment but know in the depths of our hearts is the way life was intended to be lived. 


Together we bring our Divine gifts to the heart of how we live each day…..in service of our Creator, our gifts that bring us joy, our family, our freedom and humanity. 


Even though the world is spinning in chaos,

and what we once thought life to look like might be crumbling before our eyes.... in the rubble lies Greatness. 

Your Greatness. 


We always have the choice to spin or to anchor into our truth.

This is the moment for you to decide you are worth leaving the spinning, the questioning, the running behind…..


And step into YOUR life. 

YOUR way of living. 

YOUR way of doing what you know you were put here on this Earth to do. 


In a deep place within our core rests our KNOWING. 


Your Knowing is ready to AWAKEN. 


Your true and full purpose is ready to be lived. 


Enter into this space, the place where YOUR compass always points to YOUR True North. 


Immerse yourself in YOUR beauty. 


Find for maybe the first time who YOU truly are. 


Let go of the illusion of what you thought your life was supposed to look like. 


Step into the life you want. 


Navigate from your intuition. 


Stand in your Faith that anything and all is possible. 


Trust what you know is best for you. 


Break free from the paradigms that held your creativity hostage. 


Let YOUR Freedom be your guide. 


With great love and devotion stand for you. 


NO backing down. 


No giving up. 


There is no charge, no fee. 


No one to be accountable to but you. 


Nothing to lose. 


Only freedom to gain. 


Take this gift and pay it forward to humanity, however that looks for you.


This is a sharing the best of ourselves, our knowledge, experience and intuitive gifts. 


Now, step into your dream and soar!


It's go time!

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