Immersion Mastermind

with personal mentor

Erica Roesch, M.D.

In one year,

your life will not look the same.

If you are wanting to .....


live life all out,  on the edge and through the greatest adventure of your lifetime,


feel fully alive and free to live your truth through your Divinely inspired gifts, 


be surrounded by others who are not satisfied with the status quo and seek to offer true healing to others, 


heal your mind, body and spirit so that you are in integrity to the beautiful healing you offer then world, 


see what you are made of and what impossible things you can create through love, ease and a deeply grounded energy....


If you are ready to live, truly live your life......join us. 




Is this you?

Do you feel trapped in your everyday life?


Are you waking up each morning dreading going into work?


Is there something that you yearn to do instead of your 7am-7pm job, yet don't know how it would work?


Do you crave adventure and challenging yourself to rise to the next level?


At the end of the day, do you have a knawing in your stomach to help others without time limits and protocols?


What if every morning you woke up knowing you were serving others by freely using your true gifts?


How would it  feel  to be energized, taking excellent care of yourself through movement and nutrition with time for a spiritual practice that fills your soul?


What would your day look like if you were completely in control of your own destiny?



Philosophy of the Immersion Mastermind

Each visionary who enters this program comes with a great gift to offer the world. Yet, she has one problem- she has operated in the system that told her what definition of success and she has exceeded those expectations. Now, to create the structure that will allow her to live, thrive and through a pure heart offer her gift to the world, she must walk an uncharted path. 


There is a single goal in this program - fortifying her inner compass so that she can navigate her unique journey. In the span of twelve months, she is physically, mentally and spiritually strong, she has awakened the gift that brings her joy and she has created the structure that allows her to thrive and she needs no external validation and no permission. She is fully alive. 


Program Details

  • Twelve months of  coaching, mentoring and content specific to your needs. 

    Each month you will receive individual coaching, group coaching sessions, workshops to strengthen you physical and spiritual body, messaging with Erica directly for realtime feedback and so many more bonuses!

  • Intensive and Intuitive Personal Coaching

    Biweekly you will meet with your mentor, Erica. Her gift is reading between the lines, sensing what wants to be heard, and helping you to see how you are the only one standing in your way. She will help you LEAP into your most powerful state of being. 

  • Dynamic Weekly Group Coaching

    Weekly you will meet with the brilliant visionary healers who choose to live life to the fullest. Though the power of group coaching and being in a community of visionaries you will uplevel your state of being and mind and LEAP into a new normal - living YOUR 10 out of 10 life. 

  • Interdiciplinary Workshops

    Visionary healers are multidimensional beings. They choose to live in integrity to the healing they offer the world. This requires a wholistic approach to life. Over the twelve months, you will be working with top coaches in nutrition, functional movement, energy healing and other modalities. The Immersion Mastermind is intentionally designed for you to thrive in all aspects of your life. 

  • Quarterly Immersion Retreats

    Four times over the twelve months, you will be immersed for a full day retreat. These gatherings are currently offered virtually and in the future may expand to in-person meetings.

  • Intentional Use of Technology

    In a private membership portal, you will have access to recording of all calls and workshops, content and added bonuses. This portal is specifically designed to support you on your unique journey and your schedule. 



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